N. Damali Peterman, Esq.,The Latest Addition To The JAMS Panel, Advises How To Become A Better Mediator

After months of negotiations, it was announced in July that N. Damali Peterman, Esq. would be joining the prestigious JAMS panel as a mediator, arbitrator, and ombudsman. JAMS, the world’s largest private alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider and its esteemed panel of more than 400 neutrals is positioned as the top firm in its category, handling an average of 18,000 cases annually.

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Flight Squabbles , Flight, Travel


Squabbles while traveling on planes, visiting loved ones, or walking through parks have increased as people grapple with how to keep up with the ever-changing new normal.

Damali Peterman, CEO and Founder of Breakthrough ADR, has 5 tips to help you keep the peace. Damali wants you to have your PLANS; that’s our acronym when you leave your home each day to avoid conflict.

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Social Media Influence


No matter how peaceful you might be online a social media fight can be unavoidable. Living in the internet age has its good and bad sides. Much of the negativity affecting our digital screen takes the form of social media battles. Though Facebook arguments and Twitter wars may seem like a release, studies suggest otherwise.

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Heart, Conflict


National Honesty Day is upon us! Is it possible to be more honest without it leading to conflict? Yes, if you listen to your HEART! HEART is Breakthrough ADR’s acronym to promote honesty while minimizing conflict.

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Family - Parents and Kids


Breakthrough ADR wants to give you some PLAYS directly from our conflict resolution playbook to empower kids (and really anyone) to navigate conflict. PLAYS is our acronym featuring 5 strategies to resolve conflict.

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conflict, argument, mediation

Honesty Without Conflict

Being honest does not require you to tell every detail or express all of your feelings. Rather, think about the truth that you want to share and highlight the key points. Write a high level overview of what you want to say and provide necessary context. See if there are common themes that you can combine into broad categories and then, use an “I feel” statement.

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The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to try new things and have a fresh start. A fresh start is not just limited to adopting healthier eating habits, having new fitness goals, and vowing to deep clean your home. You can actually have a fresh start with people in your life, especially those who you have been sharing more space and time with than usual because of COVID.

2021 is your year to do something GREAT. GREAT is Breakthrough ADR’s acronym to help you have a fresh start to 2021 with the people in your bubble and avoid conflict at home amidst COVID.

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This holiday is season may be different from years past given that it’s an election year, we are in the midst of a global pandemic and it is rare to see a smile because we are literally wearing masks everyday. So what do you if you plan to celebrate the holidays either in-person or virtually with your loved ones?

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Election Season Survival Kit

The election season seems more intense than prior elections for a variety of reasons.  How do you protect your sanity while staying true to your values and being an empathetic listener? This balancing act is no easy task, but with a few pointers from Breakthrough ADR, you will survive this election season!

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BBWD Podcast Review: Episode 19 (feat. Celebrity Beauty Contributor/Hair Stylist, Edris Nicholls)

I am the Breakthrough Blogger. I provide the Breakthrough community with written reviews on our podcast episodes. In this review, Damali discusses your messages about “Dealing with Celebrities & Embracing Your Creative Side” with St Vincent-born Edris Nicholls, who got her start in the hair business as a teenager in New York, learning her first tricks of the trade in a Koch-era after-school program.

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BBWD Podcast Review: Episode 16 (feat. Campaign Director, Kristen Castree)

I am the Breakthrough Blogger. I provide the Breakthrough community with written reviews on our podcast episodes. In this review, Damali discusses your messages about “Making Time For Yourself & Prioritizing Health Care” with the one and only, Kristen Castree, who is the Campaign Director for anti-hunger organization called “A Place at the Table”.

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