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What We Do

We teach you how to listen, negotiate and resolve situations.


Breakthrough Listen teaches you how to actively listen, hear and understand what people are saying in conversations and meetings.



Breakthrough Negotiate shows you how to obtain your needs and wants through effective communication and creative thinking.


Breakthrough Resolve helps you to develop tools and plans to prevent, manage and resolve new and recurring conflicts for good.

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You: Have two or more people who are not getting along and you have tried everything.

We: Help people find creative solutions designed to create workplace harmony and repair professional relationships.


You: Have started a new company and are now building your team and want to be preventative instead of reactive.

We: Design and implement action plans and oversee implementation to assist all levels of your organization navigate conflict by providing one-on-one coaching and leadership development.


You: Want to invest in your talent and provide them with the best instruction on how to prevent, manage and resolve conflict.

We: Customize workshops highlighting conflict dynamics, improving effective communication and active listening skills, and teaching mediation and other conflict de-escalation and problem-solving techniques.


You: Want a frictionless environment where your management and staff can thrive.

We: We provide conflict surveys, facilitate conversations and explore group dynamics that affect morale, efficiency, productivity and talent retention.

Achieve YourBreakthrough

ADR means alternative dispute resolution. BREAKTHROUGHADR partners with you to identify the best paths to achieving your goals.

We specialize in innovative and engaging ways to help individuals, companies, government agencies and educational institutions prevent, manage and resolve conflict. We provide mediators, trainers and coaches for onsite and offsite assistance, and are building a worldwide community of conflict resolvers.

Provide team-building and conflict management services that empower clients to navigate conflict and break through barriers.
Work with Us!
We are not a one and done company. We are your strategic partners in transforming your company to a frictionless environment. Whether you need help reaching agreement with another party or giving your partners, employees or students the tools needed to navigate and resolve conflicts, BREAKTHROUGHADR will work with you to help you accomplish your objectives and ACHIEVE YOUR BREAKTHROUGH.


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