We asked our CEO a few questions…

Why did you start BreakthroughADR?

As an attorney and mediator, I am often called to help resolve conflicts involving others. While working through these conflicts, I recognized that there were crucial steps that individuals could have taken to prevent their disputes from escalating. I saw a need to teach people active listening, effective communication, conflict de-escalation, and mediation skills. Think about the last time that you had a conflict and how you handled it. Would you have handled it differently if you had the techniques at your fingers to help you or a neutral and trusted advisor on call to help you weigh the options?

What impact do you want BreakthroughADR to have on the world?

I want BreakthroughADR to reduce personal conflict—whether at the workplace, home or anywhere else—by empowering individuals to become conflict resolvers. Conflicts lead to inefficiencies, the loss of good employees, stress on relationships and, at times, the involvement of law enforcement in non-emergency matters. Much of this can be addressed by people trained in conflict resolution. I started BreakthroughADR to be a source of creative solutions for training people how to navigate conflict and for being a trusted third party to help resolve conflicts. I want my company to provide options that people never knew existed.

Our Statements

How We Stand Out

  • Practical Advice and Solutions
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Expertise
  • Expertise in Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
  • Global Client Base
  • Multilingual Services Available
  • Online Dispute Resolution Available
  • Continuing Legal Education Credits (CLEs) Available

Meet Our CEO & FounderDamali Peterman

Lawyer. Mediator. Educator.

Meet the Team

Ibrahim D.

Chief Technology Officer & Business Development Lead

A native Washingtonian, Ibrahim is a results driven professional with excellent communication skills.

Essence C.

Executive Administrative Specialist

Originally a Brooklyn, NY native, Essence now resides in Atlanta, GA and supports BreakthroughADR virtually.

Lorraine M.

Intern - Blog Producer & Copywriter

Lorraine was born and raised in New York City where she acquired her fearless attitude and fast learning skills.

Rebecca S.

Intern - Podcast Producer

Rebecca started her journey all the way from Nepal and continues to strive for what she has always dreamed of.

Meet the Coaches

Elizabeth L.

Elizabeth’s mission is to spread mediation skills far and wide—to pollinate every field with knowledge of mediation and the tools to implement the process.

Elena M.

Elena is a mediator and conflict resolution instructor who served as Training Associate for four years at New York Peace Institute.

Oceane H-C.

Océane feels blessed to be from many places. She was born in Japan, followed by a year in France and then a move to California.

Fred H.

Fred Hanson has practiced mediation and alternative dispute resolution in New York City since 2000, while continuing a decades-long career in theatre and international events.

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Creating Solutions

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