BREAKTHROUGHADR has expertise in helping parties involved in commercial disputes resolve their differences. We serve as a third party neutral mediator (in other words, we have no “skin in the game” and are not impacted by the outcome) for the following types of disputes: co-founders, owners, investor-related, business-to-business, business-to-consumer, employer/employee, and other commercial disputes.

BREAKTHROUGHADR’s approach seeks to diffuse the emotions and entrenched positions of each party to create the space to reach an equitable agreement for all involved.

WHAT IS MEDIATION? Mediation is a voluntary, informal and confidential process during which a neutral third party facilitates a conversation between people in conflict. Mediation is a collaborative problem-solving approach that allows the parties to assert their right to self-determination and be proactive in controlling the outcome. All parties to the conflict are at the table.

WHO SHOULD MEDIATE? Mediation is for everyone.

WHY IS MEDIATION BENEFICIAL? For individuals, mediation gives each party involved a chance to listen and be heard and to control the outcome of the mediation. For companies, it is a cost-efficient way to resolve disputes and give your employees the tools to prevent disputes from escalating into more pervasive issues.



We have developed an engaging and informative approach to teaching negotiation and conflict resolution skills to businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, nonprofits, and individuals.

The ability to effectively interact and communicate with others – including consumers, co-workers, teachers, fellow students, and family members – is critical to success in today’s interconnected, multi-cultural world.

We customize our training to the specific needs of your organization.

BREAKTHROUGHADR equips your organization with critical insights and practical tips on these important skills.

We offer the following trainings:

  • HR Professional Trainings
  • Employee Trainings
  • Executive Trainings 
  • Mediator Certification Trainings 
  • Law Enforcement Trainings

Group Resources

We recognize that some people, groups and organizations have found workplace harmony.

BREAKTHROUGHADR can help your company to:

  • Brainstorm, define and organize group objectives
  • Enhance efficiency and morale
  • Help to strengthen interpersonal relationships
  • Evaluate situations as they arise



About Breakthrough ADR

BREAKTHROUGHADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to a variety of processes that help parties resolve disputes without going to court. We are on a mission to empower people by providing them with the tools they need to resolve their own conflict in the workplace and beyond.


  • Facilitate Difficult/ Courageous Conversations 
  • Workplace Efficiency and Productivity Assessments 
  • Talent Retention Assessments
  • Customized Organizational Plans
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