BBWD Podcast Review: Episode 11 (feat. Educational Guru, Malika Davis)

This week on Breakthrough Barriers with Damali, we had the honor of having the education guru and Damali’s sister, Malika Davis. Malika is multi-talented having studied educational leadership, advocacy, child development and politics. She practices innovative education methods engaging her students in new and fun ways. Even though she has been teaching in New York City for a decade, Malika is a D.C. native.

Our first caller is an undergraduate student who has been able to keep up great grades and an amazing academic standing. As he approaches his junior year, he has found it difficult to focus on his classes as they have become more difficult and hasn’t been able to keep up with his studies. He isn’t sure how to navigate this issue. 

The most important thing is to remember your goals and how close you are to achieving them. Remember there is life after graduation and you want to continue to smash your goals, but you have to get through this first.

College is difficult and it is easy to lose focus along your journey. Try to reset, re-center and refocus in order to see the finish line.

Use the tips and practices that have helped you maintain a 4.0 until this point and implement them more seriously. Find a mentor, peer or tutor. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Building a strong support system could make or break you during your college experience. 

Evaluate the external factors that may be keeping you from reaching academic success. Sleep, hydration, eating habits, work, social life and time management all play a part in how you do in school. Try to make sure that you’re living life as healthy as possible in order to be successful.

Our second caller is also an undergrad student who is actually in a great position. She is deciding between internships and is not sure if she should accept one of the offers she has received or wait to hear back from the internship opportunity she actually wants.

Malika reminded her to consider deadlines. Some opportunities will no longer be available to her if she doesn’t. Think about which opportunity will offer you a job after you graduate or get you to the job you really want. What are you looking to get out of the internship? Which one will be best for you pockets? Are any of the opportunities are paid, provide housing (if necessary) or other commodities? These are things to consider.

You could also do a follow up to check the status of you application at the internship you were looking forward to. Keep an open mind and leverage your options. You may learn something at the other opportunities that will be more valuable than you expect. Perhaps there is even a way you could do both. If you must decline an offer, do so gracefully. Be honest, professional, thankful and simple. Try to keep the lines of communication open to have them consider you for future opportunities.

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"College is difficult and it is easy to lose focus along your journey. Try to reset, re-center and refocus in order to see the finish line."

Damali Peterman

Damali Peterman

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