Better Connecticut: Avoid Conflict at Home Using G.R.E.A.T.

Do you remember when Damali was interviewed by Better Connecticut on how to avoid conflict at home using the G.R.E.A.T. framework? Here’s a little preview:   

G is for Generate: Tell those close to you that you are trying to make a change.  

R is for Restart a conversation – it’s ok to ask to start a conversation over.  

E is for Engage: Try non-complementary behavior. If someone yells, talk lower. If someone frowns, smile.

A is for Apologize: Say I’m sorry that I did (what you did) because (why you are sorry).  

T is for Try Again: Keep trying these tips again and again until you get better at them.  

You can watch the interview here

Damali Peterman

Damali Peterman

Damali Peterman, Esq., is the Founder, CEO and Chief Conflict Resolver of Breakthrough ADR LLC. Damali has extensive experience in corporate law, mediation, negotiation, and conflict resolution. She is a highly sought after mediator and trainer for Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, government entities, nonprofits and small businesses.

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BREAKTHROUGHADR partners with you to identify the best paths to achieving your goals. Whether you need help reaching agreement with another party or giving your partners, employees or students the tools needed to navigate and resolve conflicts, BREAKTHROUGHADR will work with you to help you accomplish your objectives and find your breakthrough.

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